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Medical Weight Loss Programs


Phentermine is a prescription only pill taken once a day to help suppress appetite. It is best used along with diet and exercise for those looking to lose 5-20lbs. It is safe to take in 6-9 months increments as weight loss plateaus after about 9 months. The initial 3-months of the phentermine program includes blood tests (Kidney/Liver function, cholesterol, glycemic index, blood count, and metabolic panel.), 1 BioBoost injection, 1 B-12 injection, and a 90 day phentermine prescription. Thereafter, office visits are monthly.

*Initial 3 months  $225


Semaglutide is a prescription once weekly injection that suppresses appetite, prevents your body from storing excess calories as fat, and causes you to feel fuller faster, and for longer periods of time. Semaglutide is best for those looking to lose 20-100+ lbs and is safe for long term use. Initial Semaglutide includes blood tests (kidney/liver function, thyroid panel, cholesterol levels, glucose index, complete blood count, and metabolic panel), 1 BioBoost injection, 3 B-12 injections, smart scale, sharps container, and  first 15 weeks of semaglutide. For week 2 you will return to the clinic for injections. During those first 2 office visits, we teach you how to self inject. 

*Initial 15 weeks $1650

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