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1. Is Lipodissolve right for me? 

A: Lipodissolve is used when you are at, or close to your goal weight, but you have small stubborn pockets of fat that are hard to get rid of by exercise and diet. Such areas are your back, love handles,  lower abdomen, arms, and chin to name a few. 

2. What does Lipodissolve do? 

A: Lipodissolve causes Lipolysis, which is the destruction of fat cells. Over time the body eliminates  these fat cells through your lymphatic system, urine feces and sweat. 

3. Will I need more than one session? 

A: It depends on the area and how much baseline fat you have. Most areas need 2-4 sessions.  Smaller areas like the chin may only need 1-2 sessions.
4. Does it hurt? 

A: There is minimal pain with the procedure itself, however it depends on the persons pain  tolerance. A numbing agent like Lidocaine will be used prior to the procedure. After the procedure  expect pain and soreness for up to 72hrs. You can use an icepack to the area and/or take Tylenol for  pain relief. 

5. How long before I see results? 

A: It takes 4-6 weeks to start seeing  results, full results are seen in 6-8 weeks. Best results are achieved  with 2-3 sessions. 

6. Can I go to work the next day? 

A: After the procedure there is usually a substantial amount of pain and swelling for the first 72hrs.  If possible, it would be feasible to take a couple days off work after the procedure.
7. Is Lipodissolve for weight loss? 

A: No, Lipodissolve is not for weight loss. You will not lose much of any weight with this procedure.  It is best used when you are at or close to your weight loss goal. 

8. How long does the procedure take? 

A: The entire process from arrival at the clinic until post procedure will take approximately 1.5-2  hours. 

9. How long in between sessions 

A: If treating the same area, there needs to be a 4-week time period between sessions. If treating  a different area of the body, there needs to be a 2-week waiting period in between sessions.

10. Can I treat 2 different areas at the same time? 

A: No, there needs to be at least a 2-week waiting period between treating different parts of the  body. 

11. What happens at my follow up sessions? 

A: We make sure that you are healing properly and that there are no arising problems with the  procedure site. You will also be receiving a cavitation or skin tightening session with each follow up.  This is to promote additional fat breakdown and tightening of the skin. 

12. What do I need to do after my procedure? 

A: Wear your compression daily for at least 4-weeks, Ice area on and off for up to 48hrs, drink at  least 8 bottles of water a day, avoid alcohol, avoid exercise for 48-hrs, get a lymphatic drainage  massage, message area for 15 mins a day, avoid saunas.  

13. Can I do lipodissolve with the weight loss program? 

A: Yes, but its best to be at goal weight, or close to it prior to starting lipodissolve

14. Who cannot get Lipodissolve? 

A: If you have a soy allergy, an autoimmune disorder (MS, Lupus etc.…), Cancer, HIV, heart disease, kidney  disease, or an active infection. 

15. What are the side effects? 

A: Swelling, Bruising, Pain, Tenderness, Fatigue. 

16. Will I have loose skin after the procedure? 

A: No, your body is slowly removing fat cells versus at an increased rate. If skin tightening is needed, we do skin tightening at your 2-week and 4-week follow up visits. 



1. What is Semaglutide?
 Semaglutide is a once weekly injectable medication. This medication decreases your appetite, prevents your body from storing excess calories as fat, decreases the amount of food you can tolerate per meal, and eventually starts to cause aversions to certain unhealthy foods. 
2. How many times do I get this injection?
 Semaglutide is a weekly injection, in which the dosage goes up monthly until you reach the maximum
dosage. This is also where the maximum weight loss can happen.
3. How much weight can I lose on this medication?
Weight loss varies per person, however, most people lose 5-12lbs per month.
4. Are there any side effects?
Most side effects are mild. The most common side effects are nausea, headache, and
constipation. However, none of the side effects should be debilitating.
5. How much does the program cost?
 The Initial 6 weeks is $650. That includes 6 weeks of your Semaglutide medication, 2 office visits, 1 B-12 Injection, Injection Training, and a full panel of lab work. After
your initial 6 weeks it will be $400 every 4 weeks, which includes 1 office visit, 1 B-12 injection and 4 weeks of your Semaglutide medication.
6. Will this medication interfere with my blood pressure medication?
7. Is this medication good for long term use?
Yes, most clients are on this medication for 6-12 months or until weight loss goal is reached.
8. How do I know if I should do the weight loss program vs. lipodissolve?
The weight loss program is needed when your BMI is 25 or higher. Lipodissolve is used when you’re at or close to your goal weight and have a small stubborn pocket of fat that you would like to get rid of. Lipodissolve is not used for weight loss.
9. How Long does it take to start working?
The medication takes effect in the body within the first 24hrs. Within 24-48hrs you
should feel a change in your appetite or the amount of food you can intake. You may experience weight loss within the first week of using the medication.
10. What are the contraindications for this medication?
Any allergies to Semaglutide, Angioedema, Thyroid Cancer, Type 1 Diabetes, Gall Bladder
Disease, Kidney Disease, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding.

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